> Current Version - 2023.2
^ Current Version - 2023.2
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Changeable logos for self hosted deployments
  • Upload queue minor bug Fix
> Last Release version - 2023.1
^Last Release version - 2023.1
  • Email Backend service
  • User self reset (via email)
  • Admin password reset sends email to user
  • Email on new account
  • Email notifications (and option to opt in or out)
  • Issue logging form for all users
  • Enhanced backend logging
  • Chnage of upload and store quota policy
  • CSS themes (Dark theme added)
  • Upload queue duplication issue fixed
  • CSS and HTML general tidyup
  • Local password stored encrypted
  • Forced or reset password change doesn't require re-entry of password
  • Password requiremnets highlighted on hover over password reset box
  • Fix for invalid autogenerated passwords
  • Hover text for file and group icons
  • Reset password on login removed from create user panel
  • Autocomplete on certain text inputs disabled
  • Passwords no longer auto-expire
> Next release - 2023.3 (planned)
^ Next release - 2023.3 (planned)
  • 'Send-to' function to send files to other storage locations (S3/FTP initially)
  • iPad media file download attempts auto-preview issue
  • Image, text and video preview
  • Small screen mode (for mobile phone users)
  • Upload all files in directory and keep directory structure